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47cm Resin A320 Air Asia Airplane Model United Asian Airlines Airbus A320-200 Airways Aircraft Aviation Plane Toy

High Quality New Car Auto AC Compressor Repairing tool set Leak detection Leaking leak test plug Asia Europe United States

Andrew Delios Strategy for Success in Asia. Mastering Business Asia

In order to achieve success, managers need to understand the strategic issues in Asia. Strategy for Success in Asia covers areas from the uniqueness of Asia like its economic and cultural diversity to the roles of governments and the importance of alliances. One of the first books to offer a perspective effective company strategy and how local and multinational companies can achieve strategic success in Asia. This important book is for anyone who has a stake in Asia or has plans to do business in it.

1909.15 RUR



Asia Asia. The Definitive Collection

Asia Asia. Gold. Definitive Collection (2 CD)

Soviet Asia: Modernist Architecture in Central Asia

Soviet Asia explores the Soviet modernist architecture of Central Asia. Italian photographers Roberto Conte and Stefano Perego crossed the former Soviet republics of...

3130 RUR



Space АКБ SPACE Asia 65Ач п/п D23R

Simon S. C. Tay Asia Alone. The Dangerous Post-Crisis Divide from America

An insightful examination of the changing relationship between Asia and the United States In this lucidly written and thought-provoking book, author Simon Tay highlights the accelerating trends that point to Asia increasingly forging its own path, independent of the United States. He also describes the fundamental changes and new policy directions needed to maintain and strengthen the bonds between Asia and the United States that have been beneficial to both since the end of the Second World War. On the eve of the global financial crisis of 2008, the economies of the United States and its Asian partners were deeply interdependent. But the different approaches taken to the crisis by Asian and Western leaders point to a new separation that may have negative consequences for the economies and businesses of both regions. To avoid a dangerous divide that may make us all the poorer, Tay reveals what leaders, policy-makers, companies, and citizens can do to find a balance that enriches us all. Written by a leading public intellectual CNN's Fareed Zakaria describes as «one of the most intelligent and reliable guides to the region» Touches on major issues in foreign policy and economics that will impact Asian nations and the United States over the near future Explains the changing nature of economic relations in the global economy For foreign policy followers, politicians, and businesspeople, Asia Alone charts a path forward—together.

2678.17 RUR



Стул Woodville Asia wooden legs/grey fabric

Sense Asia Farmer's Tea collection травяной чай имбирь лемонгасс, 70 г

Sense Asia Farmer's Tea collection - натуральный освежающий травяной чай с добавлением дикого лемонграсса и вьетнамского ароматного имбиря. Имбирь из Вьетнама отличается уникальным медовым ароматом. Чашка этого идеального чая позволит вам расслабиться после рабочего дня. Sense Asia Farmer's Tea collection с добавлением лемонграсса и имбиря - натуральное успокаивающее средство для хорошего сна.

336 RUR

Sense Asia похожие


Buran АКБ BURAN ASIA (58Ач о/п) B24L


This book consists of 20 short essays on different dimensions of international economic policy with specific (though not exclusive) focus on Asia. Topics covered include: exchange rate regimes and reserve buildup in Asia; global macroeconomic imbalances; financial sector liberalization; international capital flows to and from Asia; infrastructure financing in Asia; foreign direct investment (FDI) flows, production networks, manufacturing and outsourcing in Asia; the economic rise of China and India; and trade, financial and monetary regionalism in Asia. While the book covers important and often technical economic issues of contemporary policy relevance, it is written in a manner that is easily accessible to non-economists, including students of public policy, international affairs, international commerce and business, as well as policy-makers and interested observers.

6202 RUR



Orlov Paris Cross of Asia Парфюм 75 мл

Sense Asia Farmer's Tea collection чай премиум молочный улун, 100 г

Sense Asia Farmer's Tea collection - натуральный крупнолистовой чай улун, частично ферментированный, с добавлением натурального ароматизатора "Молоко". Премиальный вьетнамский Улун с изысканным ароматом молока, с элегантный кремовым ароматом и с гладким и приятным послевкусием. Этот чай производят по Тайваньской технологии.

541 RUR

Sense Asia похожие


Sense Asia Farmer's Tea collection традиционный черный чай, 100 г

Sense Asia Farmer's Tea collection - натуральный крупнолистовой черный чай из провинции Фу Тхо и Ха Зянг. Насыщенный напиток с нежным фруктовым ароматом, элегантными нотками кедрового леса и небольшим послевкусием темного шоколада и карамели.

332 RUR

Sense Asia похожие


Sense Asia Farmer's Tea collection черный чай эрл грей тропик, 100 г

Sense Asia Farmer's Tea collection - натуральный крупнолистовой черный чай с добавлением корицы, цедры помело, цветов жасмина, сочного бергамота и натурального ароматизатора "Тропический Аромат". Пикантный и сладкий аромат сочного и спелого апельсина, аромат бергамота, с нежной горчинкой апельсиновой цедры.

319 RUR

Sense Asia похожие


Плед Karna велюр жаккард KARNA ASIA, кофейный, 220*240 см

Плед Karna жаккард Asia 220x240 см (2720/CHAR003) Пудра

Плед Karna жаккард Asia 220x240 см (2720/CHAR004) Светло-лаванда

47cm Resin A320 Air Asia Airplane Model Prince Colorful Painting Airlines Airbus A320-200 Airways Aircraft Plane

Kainar АКБ KAINAR ASIA (100 Ач п/п) 115D31R

Kainar АКБ KAINAR ASIA (50 Ач о/п) 65B24L

Электра АКБ ЭЛЕКТРА ASIA (65 Ач п/п) 75D23R

Плед Karna жаккард Asia 220x240 см (2720/CHAR001) Бежевый

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